BREAKING NEWS: Judge Tosses Multi-Million Dollar Steve Wynn Verdict Against Joe Francis



LOS ANGELES, CA., November 12, 2012 – Today resulted in a massive victory for Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand. Judge Joanne O’Donnell overturned 21- million dollars in damages stemming from the Steve Wynn vs. Joe Francis Defamation trial.

The vindication of Joe Francis was met with enthusiasm by his defense team. After Steve Wynn’s cheating tactics in court illegitimately swayed jurors, the judge realized the course of action was illegal. In order to uphold the integrity of the California court system and ensure that everyone receives due process, Judge O’Donnell amended the jury’s verdict.

During the trial, Steve Wynn’s attorneys presented inadmissible evidence into the case stemming from an interview with Good Morning America. Judge O’Donnell stated in her ruling, “There was no evidence that the plaintiff (Steve Wynn) suffered any ‘shame, mortification or hurt feelings’ as a result of watching the GMA interview or even that he knew of the interview.”

Joe Francis plans to aggressively appeal the remaining portions of the jury verdict totaling 19-million dollars. Mr. Francis’ legal team predicts a 100% chance of success in appealing the remaining part of the case. Additionally, Mr. Francis is expected to win the case in its entirety. Mr. Francis states, “Judge Joanne O’Donnell should have never allowed as evidence my in-court statement that Steve Wynn threatened my life, because it was made in a courtroom while seeking a restraining order against Steve Wynn and therefore, a judicially privileged statement. Judge O’Donnell committed a judicial error by allowing this case to even proceed to a trial and she knows it. This is only the first step of her back peddling and unwinding her illegal actions in order to try to keep her job as a judge.”

Joe Francis finished with, “Steve may have a winning record taking the life savings away from working American’s in his safe haven of Las Vegas, but he will not be able to manipulate the California court system.”


Joe Francis Kicks Steve Wynn’s Ass In Las Vegas Court

Joe Francis Kicks Steve Wynn's Ass In Las Vegas CourtJoe beat the house and walked away with a decisive victory in a courtroom battle with Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn, who had accused Joe of failing to pay a non-existent gambling debt back in 2007. News of Joe’s impressive triumph made headlines across the country. Wynn reportedly pressured the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office to file criminal charges against Joe in what amounted to a civil dispute over a bogus gambling debt that Joe has denied owing from the beginning. Joe was exonerated of all charges when District Court Judge Linda Bell agreed with Joe and threw the case out of court after finding absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing on Francis’s part. “I have maintained my innocence in this matter from the start,” Joe said. But he’s not letting Wynn off easily. “I think it was disgusting that Wynn attempted to manipulate banking records to try to make this a criminal case. I will do everything possible to make sure justice is served in this matter and that I am compensated for the damage that these false charges have caused to my reputation.”