River Gone Wild

meeejoefrancis.com - River Gone WildJoe is featured in the pages of “Tell to Win”, the current New York Times bestseller written by Joe’s longtime friend and Academy Award®-winning producer Peter Guber. In the book, Guber recalls a 5-day trip on the Colorado river he took with what he describes as a crew of “type-A powerhouses” such as NFL president Steve Bornstein, actor Pierce Brosnan, Life strategist Tony Robbins, New Line president Tobey Emmerich and “rambunctious Joe Francis, who’d steered his career through the rapids of Girls Gone Wild.” Guber recalls that the group spent two days “throwing water bottles at one another, jumping boat to boat and generally ignoring our expedition’s guides rules” until it came time to confront Lava Falls, the fiercest whitewater in the canyon. Guber says he and his crewmates put aside the hijinks long enough to skillfully navigated the class 10 rapids, in the process learning an important lesson: “Risk can be transformative but only if you survive it.”   Joe says that Peter’s book, which contains insight on how to create purposeful stories that can serve as powerful calls to action, is “Fascinating and VERY helpful in business.”  For more information on Peter Guber’s “Tell to Win”, click here.