Girls Gone Wild On The Silver Screen

girls gone wild on the silver screenJoe’s wildly popular Girls Gone Wild brand has enjoyed a prominent place on the pop cultural landscape since its inception, with references appearing in newspapers, magazines, movies, TV shows, and even song lyrics. This holiday season, Girls Gone Wild is featured on the big screen in “New Year’s Eve,” a romantic comedy from Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema. Directed by Garry Marshall and boasting a star-studded cast, the film features a scene in which Sarah Jessica Parker‘s character is petitioned by her teenage daughter (Abigail Breslin) for permission to attend the New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square. Hoping to indicate she’s old enough to attend the event, the daughter lifts her sweater in the middle of Grand Central Terminal to show “This is not a training bra!” Parker responds with comic alarm by exclaiming “And this is not Girls Gone Wild!” “New Year’s Eve” opens in theaters everywhere on December 9.
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H8R Love

joe francis with mario lopezMario Lopez‘s new hit reality show “H8R” on the CW features celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka confronting a “hater” critical of that celebrity’s success, fame or lifestyle, and gives the celebrity a chance to try win the hater over. Joe Francis is featured in the series’ fourth episode, where he meets self-described “southern redhead with an attitude” Peggy, who regards him as “A Mom’s worst nightmare, who exploits young women.” It’s a charge Joe has heard (and easily debunked) many times before. A surprise encounter with Joe at a Beverly Hills hotel and a visit to a Girls Gone Wild photo shoot at his Bel Air mansion gave Peggy a unique opportunity to get to know the real Joe Francis. “I want to see if I can make her understand who I am and turn my hater around,” Joe explained at the top of the show. In the course of the episode, Joe did just that ?and more. After learning his life story and listening to Joe explain his point of view regarding a woman’s right to make her own choices, Peggy admitted to her former nemesis, “You’re not the man I thought you were, you’re actually better. I’m not a hater.” Joe took the experience in good humor. “Every high profile individual has haters,” he said. “Even the president of the United States. Being a celebrity is all about people taking shots at you. That’s what makes it interesting.” H8R airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm on the CW. Click here to watch Joe Francis on H8Rs.

River Gone Wild - River Gone WildJoe is featured in the pages of “Tell to Win”, the current New York Times bestseller written by Joe’s longtime friend and Academy Award®-winning producer Peter Guber. In the book, Guber recalls a 5-day trip on the Colorado river he took with what he describes as a crew of “type-A powerhouses” such as NFL president Steve Bornstein, actor Pierce Brosnan, Life strategist Tony Robbins, New Line president Tobey Emmerich and “rambunctious Joe Francis, who’d steered his career through the rapids of Girls Gone Wild.” Guber recalls that the group spent two days “throwing water bottles at one another, jumping boat to boat and generally ignoring our expedition’s guides rules” until it came time to confront Lava Falls, the fiercest whitewater in the canyon. Guber says he and his crewmates put aside the hijinks long enough to skillfully navigated the class 10 rapids, in the process learning an important lesson: “Risk can be transformative but only if you survive it.”   Joe says that Peter’s book, which contains insight on how to create purposeful stories that can serve as powerful calls to action, is “Fascinating and VERY helpful in business.”  For more information on Peter Guber’s “Tell to Win”, click here.

Funny Man - Funny ManJoe recently appeared in a viral video spoofing the Girls Gone Wild brand that was produced as a promotion for the hit HDNet series “Girls Gone Wild Presents: Search for the Hottest Girl in America.” The comic short, produced for the “Funny Or Die” website, was written and directed by Jordan Rubin, whose credits include writing for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” and “The MTV Movie Awards.” According to the production’s director of photography, Joe’s improvisations had the crew cracking up so much that multiple takes were ruined by off-camera laughter.

Apology Accepted - Apology AcceptedFormer reality TV personality Brody Jenner publicly apologized to Joe Francis for his involvement in false news reports that Joe had attacked Jenner’s then-girlfriend in a Los Angeles nightclub in 2009. In a message to Joe, Jenner wrote, “I would like to acknowledge for the record that the media reports that you beat up Jayde Nicole at the Guys & Dolls nightclub in August 2009 were completely inaccurate. The entire incident was an unfortunate misunderstanding and I am sorry for the whole thing.” Jenner didn’t stop there. He went on to write, “I have always known you to be a gentleman and I’m very sorry that you were wrongly accused that night.” When asked if he accepted Jenner’s apology, Joe said, “I’m glad he admitted his mistake. Anyone who knows me knows I would never act disrespectfully towards women, and this guy’s accusations were very hurtful. I’m happy to put the whole incident behind me.”

Chelsea Goes Wild - Chelsea Goes WildIn February, Joe sent a gift package to the Chelsea Lately staff of Girls & Guys Gone Wild goodies. Once Chelsea, Chuy and the Round Table comedians indulged themselves with the box full of GGW apparel and DVD‘s, things got pretty wild around the production offices. There might have even been a pillow fight.

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