Apology Accepted

meetjoefrancis.com - Apology AcceptedFormer reality TV personality Brody Jenner publicly apologized to Joe Francis for his involvement in false news reports that Joe had attacked Jenner’s then-girlfriend in a Los Angeles nightclub in 2009. In a message to Joe, Jenner wrote, “I would like to acknowledge for the record that the media reports that you beat up Jayde Nicole at the Guys & Dolls nightclub in August 2009 were completely inaccurate. The entire incident was an unfortunate misunderstanding and I am sorry for the whole thing.” Jenner didn’t stop there. He went on to write, “I have always known you to be a gentleman and I’m very sorry that you were wrongly accused that night.” When asked if he accepted Jenner’s apology, Joe said, “I’m glad he admitted his mistake. Anyone who knows me knows I would never act disrespectfully towards women, and this guy’s accusations were very hurtful. I’m happy to put the whole incident behind me.”