Joe Francis sat down with Sam Rubin inside the KTLA studio for a live interview. The creator of the Girls Gone Wild brand took the hot seat answering questions about his bad boy past as long time girlfriend Abbey Wilson came to his defense. In all seriousness, the TV segment was light hearted and showed the softer side of this once notorious Hollywood playboy. One of the funnier moments during the interview is when, for the first time, Joe opened up about meeting Abbey’s parents. Despite their preconceived notions he revealed they welcomed him with open arms. The next hot topic was about their recent appearance on “Couples Therapy’. After a short clip was played from the show Sam Rubin noted that Joe and Abbey were the most normal twosome of the cast. (We all agree with that).  Check out the clip on KTLA here and make sure to tune into ‘Couples Therapy‘ on VH1 every Wednesday at 10/9c.


Courtesy: Hollywood Reporter

Courtesy: Hollywood Reporter

Tensions are running high in the ‘Couples Therapy’ house, especially between Flava Flav and girlfriend Liz Trujillo. The episode, airing Wednesday on VH1, started as Liz threatened to leave the show in the middle of the night but was convinced to stay only after an intervention from the show’s night staff.

If things weren’t dramatic enough things took an emotional turn when Abbey opened up about her eating disorder past. Sitting in front of the entire group she courageously explored her past struggles with bulimia – clearly a difficult topic to discuss. The rest of the ‘Couples Therapy’ cast also confessed about sexual abuse, threats of violence, and abandonment. This was one of the most emotional moments of the season to date.

The drama in the house continued. After tempers flared between Chingy and girlfriend Temple things got serious during ’16 and Pregnant’ star Tyler Baltierra’s one-on-one session. It was revealed that Tyler was developing cold feet towards his fiancé. With doubts about their future at a boiling point will this couple make it till the season finale? Catch every episode of ‘Couples Therapy’ airing on VH1 every Wednesday at 10/9c.


Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson

Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson

On the second episode of ‘Couples Therapy, airing on VH1, the celebrity drama continued between Flava Flav and his fiancé Liz Trujillo after a contentious night out bowling with the other couples. The next day, tensions remained high as the stars entered the therapy room to discuss how their relationships approached rock bottom. During the group discussion Joe and Abbey bravely opened up about their battles and the emotional toll in took on their relationship.

In an effort to take trust to a new level Dr. Jenn Berman took the celebrity couples to a high intensity ropes course. The first obstacle challenged Joe and Abbey to scale a giant rock wall.  While being tethered together, they worked through their fears and used trust as the elevating factor to their success.

While things were looking up for Joe and Abbey the relationship between Flava Flav and Liz seemed to be headed for disaster. After Liz made numerous threats that she was leaving the show Flava was encouraged to make a “leap of faith” in hopes of saving his 9 year relationship. Want to see how if these celebrities can make it through “Couples Therapy”? Catch new episodes airing every Wednesday on VH1 at 9pm.



Joe Francis is opening up about his personal life for the first time on television in VH1’s new season of ‘Couples Therapy’.  The primetime show premiered last night to strong reviews and ratings. ‘Couples Therapy’ follows the love lives of 5 celebrity twosomes that include Flava Flav with girlfriend Liz Trujillo, MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ star’s Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, rapper Chingy Bailey alongside girlfriend Temple Poteat, and Real World cast members Heather Marter and Dustin Zito. Joe Francis, the Creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand, joined the show with his model girlfriend Abbey Wilson. Joe and Abbey met almost 5 years ago.


Nothing is off limits during this new season and Joe wasn’t afraid to hold back. In addition to an on camera clash with Flava Flav it’s revealed early on that the Joe’s biggest hurdle wont be Abbey’s jealousy over other women, but a much deeper issue involving an eating disorder. Joe said, “I care deeply for Abbey and knew that it was time to look for help. Sitting down with Dr. Jenn Berman was an incredibly emotional but it revealed some heartbreaking secrets that needed to be dealt with. It was a very positive experience that helped us grow stronger individually and as a couple.” Watch Joe and Abbey as they continue ‘Couples Therapy’ airing on VH1 every Wednesday at 10/9c.