Joe Francis with model Abbey Wilson

Photo: Joe Francis with girlfriend Abbey Wilson

Joe Francis and longtime girlfriend Abbey Wilson are proud to announce they are pregnant with twin baby girls. The happy couple couldn’t be happier with the anticipation of their new additions. Ok Magazine was first to report the exciting news.

Francis isn’t concerned about being the father of two girls. “We chose to have girls,” he said. “I believe people will finally understand my love, respect and admiration for women. I love girls.”

And it should be no surprise that Joe and Abbey are already getting parenting advice from their famous friends.

“Mario and Courtney Lopez took us baby shopping at Bel Bambini, and Mario is now coaching Joe on fatherhood!”

You can read more exciting baby news HERE.



Joe Francis sat down with Sam Rubin inside the KTLA studio for a live interview. The creator of the Girls Gone Wild brand took the hot seat answering questions about his bad boy past as long time girlfriend Abbey Wilson came to his defense. In all seriousness, the TV segment was light hearted and showed the softer side of this once notorious Hollywood playboy. One of the funnier moments during the interview is when, for the first time, Joe opened up about meeting Abbey’s parents. Despite their preconceived notions he revealed they welcomed him with open arms. The next hot topic was about their recent appearance on “Couples Therapy’. After a short clip was played from the show Sam Rubin noted that Joe and Abbey were the most normal twosome of the cast. (We all agree with that).  Check out the clip on KTLA here and make sure to tune into ‘Couples Therapy‘ on VH1 every Wednesday at 10/9c.


Source: Hollywood Reporter

Courtesy: Hollywood Reporter

From pregnancy rumors, to possible breakups, and even a 9-1-1 phone call emotions were at an all time high inside the ‘Couples Therapy’ house.  The episode started out after a shocking confession was made by ’16 and Pregnant’ star Tyler. Devastated and in tears, his girlfriend Catelynn sat down with Dr. Jenn Berman to explore her feelings and more importantly what their future may hold.  New insights into their relationship were highlighted but it looks like they will continue towards a possible marriage.

Another couple, Chingy and Temple, openly explored their future inside the house. The hip hop star’s pending move to Los Angeles combined with his hesitation to cohabitate created an enormous amount of consternation.  To everyone’s surprise Joe Francis acted as a mediator between the couple and helped them understand the meaning of compromise.

The most shocking revelation of the night was when Flava Flav’s longtime girlfriend Liz Trujillo took a pregnancy test that came back positive. Blindsided by the news and overwhelmed, Liz was excused from group therapy for the day. Things continued to decline as she sobbed privately insider her room and exhibited some strange behavior. Concerned about her health the shows staff decided the prudent decision was to call 9-1-1. Find out the fate of Liz and the status of her unborn baby by tuning into ‘Couples Therapy’ on VH1 every Wednesday at 10/9c.



During episode 4 of “Couples Therapy” airing on VH1, the secret behind Dustin Zito’s gay porn past continued to shock the house. Dr. Jenn Berman confronted the ‘Real World’ cast member exposing his main motivation for participating in adult videos, the money. During a tear filled therapy session both Dustin and Heather alluded to a traumatic experience from his childhood.  Will more revelations be revealed? We’re unsure how the rest of the season will play out considering we’ve learned Dustin and Heather were only on set in the ‘Couples Therapy’ house for a total of 3 days. Surprisingly, it appears producers have edited the footage to make it seem like Heather and Dustin were actually present for most of the time.  Heather and Dustin were last minute additions, joining ‘Couples Therapy’ two weeks after production started because the original cast members scheduled to appear didn’t pass their mandated psychology test. Seems suspicious!

The cast then participated in a group therapy session where each couple was encouraged to express their opinions on each other. After Dr. Jenn instructed them to, “call each other out on their bullshit,” things turned tense between Flava Flav and Liz Trujillo as they verbally argued about their relationship. The feedback proved to be too intense and Liz threatened to leave the house before the shows conclusion.

Levity was brought back to the house when a psychic arrived to do reading for the celebrity couples. In an unexpected turn Flava Flav took control of the reading and confessed that he possessed the ability to float. Sound crazy? Wait till you see the surprising ending to this episode airing on VH1 every Wednesday 10/9c.


Sarah Novia and Joe Francis

Sarah Novia and Joe Francis

“Couples Therapy”, airing on VH1, kicked off the 3rd episode with Dr. Jenn Berman asking the each celebrity couple to tackle a difficult topic, an honest conversation about trust. In a group setting each person was asked to score how much they trusted their partners with a number. The spotlight was on Joe Francis when he revealed he trusted his girlfriend of 4 years, Abbey, 90%. He confessed his deep concerns about her health and how it played a pivotal role in their relationship. Up next was Abbey, who revealed her trust number much to Joe’s surprise was 99%. Both were pleased and ended the session with a loving kiss. Things continued in a positive direction when the couples were asked to fill out an extensive personality survey that ranked their compatibility. Despite a few humorous answers Joe and Abbey had a compatibility ranking of 85% – a highly successful match according to the expert.

The episode took a turn when a new couple arrived in the house. Dustin Zito and Heather Marter from MTV’s the Real World arrived on the 5th day of filming and stunned everyone when a surprising secret about Dustin’s past was revealed. Find out what the house is talking about by tuning into “Couples Therapy” airing on VH1 every Wednesday 10/9c.


Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson

Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson

On the second episode of ‘Couples Therapy, airing on VH1, the celebrity drama continued between Flava Flav and his fiancé Liz Trujillo after a contentious night out bowling with the other couples. The next day, tensions remained high as the stars entered the therapy room to discuss how their relationships approached rock bottom. During the group discussion Joe and Abbey bravely opened up about their battles and the emotional toll in took on their relationship.

In an effort to take trust to a new level Dr. Jenn Berman took the celebrity couples to a high intensity ropes course. The first obstacle challenged Joe and Abbey to scale a giant rock wall.  While being tethered together, they worked through their fears and used trust as the elevating factor to their success.

While things were looking up for Joe and Abbey the relationship between Flava Flav and Liz seemed to be headed for disaster. After Liz made numerous threats that she was leaving the show Flava was encouraged to make a “leap of faith” in hopes of saving his 9 year relationship. Want to see how if these celebrities can make it through “Couples Therapy”? Catch new episodes airing every Wednesday on VH1 at 9pm.



Joe Francis has always been an animal lover but no one could have predicted the newest addition to his family. Joe, along side his girlfriend Abbey, welcomed an adorable sea lion into the gorgeous pool of Casa Aramara in Punta Mita. The 11-year-old sea lion named Litibu spent the day with the founder of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand courtesy of Vallarta Adventures.

Even though the sea lions are naturally wild, Litibu is more like a well-trained house pet. Vallarta Adventures delivered the sea lion by boat just off the shore of Joe’s favorite vacation spot. Once the boat pulled close enough Libitu jumped from the deck and swam directly to Casa Aramara’s sandy beaches. After a short walk up from the ocean towards the house Litibu joined Joe and Abbey inside their luxurious infinity pool for some much needed play time. Joe told us, “Libitu is extremely talented and capable of doing tricks like handstands, flips, and even gave us kisses on the cheeks. I’ve swam with dolphins, shared the ocean with whales, but playing in the pool with a sea lion was a once in a lifetime experience.” Not everyone will have the chance to splash in the waves with a trained sea lion so make sure and check out the pictures he shared with