Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries To Have ‘Fun Wedding’ Fit For A ‘True Power Couple’ Pal Joe Francis Says

6 June 2011 10:28 AM, PDT

The countdown is on to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries summer wedding, and according to Kardashian pal Joe Francis, it’s going to be a show-stopper!

“It’s going to be a fun wedding,” the Girls Gone Wild creator, a close friend of the Kardashians who frequently hosts them at his Mexican home, tells

Kim has had a string of boyfriends over the years, but Francis says Kim’s never been as smitten as she is with her New Jersey Nets fiance. “I’ve known all of Kim’s boyfriends over the years, and I think she is most happy with Kris,” says Francis. “She’s just in her groove.”

Francis, who has spent a considerable amount of time with Kris and his buddies, also gives the Minnesota-born NBA player top marks. “I’ve actually been fortunate enough to spend time with Kris and Kris’ friends, and I think Kris is a fantastic, »

– HL Intern

‘Girls Gone Wild’s’ Joe Francis: I’m ’90 Percent’ Sure Blake Lively Leaked Her Own Nude Photos For Publicity!

3 June 2011 11:13 AM, PDT

Joe Francis isn’t buying Blake Lively‘s claim that the alleged nude photos that surfaced online this week aren’t of her—in fact, he tells he believes the actress herself—or someone in her camp—leaked the racy photos!

“I would say 90 percent it’s an orchestrated attempt or act on her part [to raise her profile],” Francis, the founder of Ggw Brands, which produces the Girls Gone Wild DVD series, tells “I’m not sure, but my inclination is that it’s coming from her. She knows what she’s doing or someone in her camp does.”

But what does Blake have to gain by releasing such pictures? “I think it’s a smart move. This will make her desirable,” says Francis, whose pals include a who’s-who of Young Hollywood. “It’s working because it’s getting wide coverage. This may be what she needed to get her name out there. »

– HL Intern

Scott Disick Had A Wild Boys’ Night Out — But Where Was Kourtney Kardashian?

31 May 2011 2:23 PM, PDT

Uh, oh! Scott Disick was out with a rowdy group of guys without Kourtney Kardashian. Is he resorting to his old bad boy ways?

Scott Disick has a history of his hot temper and partying ways getting him into deep water with his girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian. The notorious bad boy is trying to clean up his act to save his relationship with his baby’s momma, but has learned he recently had a wild boy’s night out at Boa restaurant in West Hollywood with Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis.

“Joe made a couple of toasts to Scott. They were all flirting with the girls at the next table over and Joe kept inviting different girls to join them for a drink,” a source at the restaurant told us.

On May 24, Scott celebrated his 26th birthday with recently singly Joe, who is a good family friend of the Kardashians. »

– Nicole Fukuoka

Joe Francis cleared of ‘underage exploitation’ charges by all-female jury

9 April 2011 2:51 AM, PDT

New York, Apr 9 – ‘Girls Gone Wild‘ founder Joe Francis has won a court case against four women in Florida, who claimed the filmmaker took advantage of them when he taped them flashing their breasts and engaging in other X-rated behavior.

The women said they suffered emotional distress after he filmed them for his widely circulated video series, when they were.

– News

Francis Cleared In Legal Battle

8 April 2011 5:06 AM, PDT

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has been cleared of allegations he caused emotional distress to four women by filming them for his videos while they were underage.

The four plaintiffs, who are now adults, filed suit against Francis back in 2008, claiming they were all under 18 when they appeared in one of the moviemaker’s saucy films.

They alleged they had been ridiculed and force to leave school after the Spring Break in Panama City Beach video was released.

The case went to trial in Panama and after eight days of hearings, an all-female jury returned a not guilty verdict on Thursday and declined to award the women any damages, according to the state’s News Herald publication.

Speaking after the case concluded, Francis, said, “I’m feeling fantastic. I’m just happy it’s over. This thing has dragged on long enough.” »

Joe Francis — Huge Win In Underaged Girl Case

7 April 2011 3:30 PM, PDT

Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis just scored a Major legal victory — after an all-female jury decided he won’t have to pay a single cent to the 4 women who accused him of ruining their lives by featuring them in his videos while they were underage.

Francis — who represented himself for part of the trial in federal court in Florida — eventually hired a team of attorneys … who managed to convince the jury that »

– TMZ Staff

“Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis represents himself and wins in Florida federal court

7 April 2011 2:03 AM, PDT

Los Angeles, CA, United States (Ahn Entertainment) – Though he’d been warned with being held in contempt of court and jail time, “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis represented himself in a Florida federal court against four plaintiffs seeking millions…and won.

Francis spent eight days in trial, spending four of them defending himself as his own attorney, where the odds were definitely stacked against him.

The jury consisted of eight women and the same judge, Judge Richard Smoak, had previously sent him to jail for nearly a year.

Four female plaintiffs claimed they were underage while being filmed by “Girls Gone Wild” and the damages of appearing in those videos included hospitalizations and the inability to keep jobs. »

‘Girls Gone Wild’ creator Joe Francis representing himself in Florida federal court

30 March 2011 6:54 AM, PDT

Los Angeles, CA, United States (Ahn Entertainment) – “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis is in court yet again and in front of the same judge who sent him to jail back in 2007. This time he’s representing himself in a federal court in Florida.

In a new lawsuit, four women claim they were underage while being filmed by “Girls Gone Wild” and the harm it brought onto them afterwards, including hospitalizations and inability to keep jobs.

Of course, Francis’ unconventional legal tactics have been frowned upon by Judge Richard Smoak, who has ordered him to “shut up” and has even been warned that he could be found in contempt of court.

Francis himself cross-examined the first plaintiff, a 26-year-old brunette who was filmed during spring break with some friends back in 2002 and alleges that her father died of a heart attack after learning she had participated in a “Girls Gone Wild” video. »