Kardashian’s Sister To Wed In Mexico – Report

2 May 2012 6:31 PM, PDT

Kim Kardashian is set for another big TV wedding – her sister Kourtney has reportedly invited cameras to her upcoming nuptials for a cool $1 million (£625,000).

Sources close to Kourtney Kardashian have revealed the pregnant socialite is hoping to wed longtime boyfriend Scott Disick in Mexico, and just like her sister, she’ll be exchanging vows on television.

In Touch magazine reports the couple will tie the knot at Girls Gone Wild boss Joe Francis‘ favorite vacation spot, the Casa Aramara estate, near Puerta Vallarta.

A source tells the publication, “Her family has been friends with Joe for so long. Kourtney has always considered Joe’s home a place where she can really relax.”

Kourtney will be hoping her televised wedding leads to a more successful marriage than her sister’s – Kim and basketball player Kris Humphries were only wed for 72 days when she split from him and began divorce proceedings.

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Internship War — Temple Member Takes Blame.

26 April 2012 12:39 PM, PDT

The Feds can officially stand down … because a member of an L.A. synagogue has just accepted responsibility for a charity auction that somehow involved “Girls Gone Wild,” a U.S. Senator, and the FBI.

To quickly recap — the synagogue (Wilshire Boulevard Temple) recently auctioned off a summer internship position at the offices of Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor to help raise money for charity — and GGW honcho Joe Francis won…planning to give… »

– TMZ Staff

Madonna to Joe Francis: “Girl Gone Wild” Title Switcheroo Had Nothing to Do With Legal Threats

28 February 2012 10:20 AM, PST

Madonna’s camp wants to make it clear they’re not wild about one thing: news that the pop star renamed a song to avoid a copyright brawl.

A rep for the star’s camp confirms a TMZ report that she changed the title of her new song “Girl Gone Wild” because she’s been fiddling with her upcoming album Mdna—not because of legal bullying from Girls Gone Wild mastermind Joe Francis.

Smackdown! Shall we hop in the ring? Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, claims that the pop star has slowly been making changes to the album, and that she dropped the “s” from the song’s original title to match up with how she sings the lyrics.

Ready for the gut punch?

Oseary »

Material Girl Gone Wild! Madonna Strips Down for New Single Cover

28 February 2012 8:37 AM, PST


Madonna proves that age ain’t nothin’ but a number — posing for a sultry album cover in sexy lingerie for her latest single, “Girl Gone Wild.”

The original name of the song was “Girls Gone Wild,” but the singer decided use the singular form of “Girl” because of the way she sings it in the song. TMZ says Madge insists the title wasn’t changed because she received threats from Joe Francis, creator of the “Girls Gone Wild” videos.

Madonna denies changing ‘Girl Gone Wild’ single name to avoid court

28 February 2012 2:37 AM, PST

Madonna has dismissed reports that she was forced to change the name of her new single. The singer debuted her new track ‘Girl Gone Wild’ yesterday (February 27), but the title has been slightly altered from the original tracklisting of ‘Girls Gone Wild‘.

Joe Francis – creator of the Girls Gone Wild soft porn series – recently claimed that he had sent Madonna a cease-and-desist letter ordering her not to perform the song at the Super Bowl and to change its name.

However, Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary has since insisted that despite Francis claiming a victory over the absence of ‘Girl Gone Wild’ at the Super Bowl, no-one ever received the letter, reports (more) »

– By Lewis Corner

Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” in the Wild—but Is She in Trouble Over the Title?

27 February 2012 4:05 PM, PST

Joe Francis and Madonna are going from wild to mild. Previously, the Girls Gone Wild mogul had warned the singer with a cease and desist letter not to sing her single of the same name at the halftime show. And so she didn’t.

But that was then. Today, the singer released the song off her upcoming Mdna album (take a listen after the jump!), and so what’s going to happen now? Sounds like things may be starting to settle down. Both parties have come to a compromise: Madonna and her record label Interscope have agreed to drop the “s” in the title and lyrics.

Francis tells E! News that his legal team has been working with Madonna’s people all day, and that the changing of the title »

Joe Francis Warns Madonna With Cease and Desist Letter Concerning “Girls Gone Wild” Song

3 February 2012 6:05 PM, PST

The FCC won’t be the only one keeping a close watch on Madonna this Sunday. As we all wait to see whether or not the fiery singer’s halftime show at the Super Bowl will contain anything close to a wardrobe malfunction,
Joe Francis will be making sure that she doesn’t sing her song “Girls Gone Wild.” Francis, the man who created the infamous Girls Gone Wild franchise is threatening to sue Madonna, issuing her a cease and desist letter claiming he will take legal action against her if she sings that particular song at this weekend’s festivities.
E! News obtained a letter—sent to the pop diva, NBCUniversal and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell—from Francis’ Nevada…

Jury Rules in Favor of Joe Francis in U.S. Federal Court

2 November 2011 7:23 AM, PDT

PANAMA CITY — In the wee hours Thursday, eight women deliberating in the civil lawsuit against Joe Francis delivered a belated birthday present to the “Girls Gone Wild” creator when they declined to award any damages to any of the four women suing him. The verdict, which came about 1:30 a.m. — 14 hours after the jury began to deliberate — brought to a close the nearly two-week trial in which Francis represented himself until Judge Richard Smoak found him in contempt and fined him $2,500 after he asked one of the plaintiffs if she was a prostitute.

Reached later Thursday, Francis was exuberant.

“I’m feeling fantastic,” Francis said. “I’m just happy it’s over. This thing has dragged on long enough.”

Francis was very aggressive in his cross-examination of the plaintiffs, two of whom left the witness stand in tears, despite Smoak’s warning that jurors would think of him as “a reckless fool if you don’t treat her with kid gloves.”

“Let me make the mistake, your honor,” Francis replied. “It’s my mistake to make.”

Francis said Thursday his treatment of the plaintiffs worked in his favor because it showed they were not victims.

“I think it helped. I think the judge was wrong,” he said. “I shook them like a tree until all the fruit fell out, and I shook them violently.”

The women, who were permitted to proceed anonymously, were under 18 years old when they were filmed flashing their breasts to “Girls Gone Wild” cameramen on Spring Break in Panama City Beach. They were seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the emotional injuries they said they’d suffered.

The jury found the evidence supported the statement that Francis’ behavior was “beyond all possible bounds of decency and is regarded as shocking, atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” but not with intent to cause emotional distress to the plaintiffs.

The jury’s decision stunned Rachel Seaton-Virga and Gerard Virga, who took up Francis’ defense halfway through the trial without access to all the plaintiffs’ evidence. Gerard Virga compared the victory to hitting a pinch-hit, walk-off home run.

Ross McCloy, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, referred questions to lead attorney Larry Selander, who was traveling to Chicago and could not be reached for comment Thursday. During her closing arguments, Seaton-Virga told the jury an old saw: “When you have facts, you argue the facts; when you have the law, you argue the law, and when you have neither, you pound your fist.” She told jurors the plaintiffs were pounding their fists.

“I think they followed the law. I think they got in there and they struggled, but they followed the law,” Rachel Seaton-Virga said of the jury. “I was very surprised because it’s not often that you find a jury that actually follows the law.”

Francis thanked his lawyers and the jurors. He was critical of the plaintiffs and their lawyers, the local justice system and Judge Smoak.

“I wouldn’t say I got a fair trial, but you know what, I got a fair result,” Francis said. “I went up against the same judge who put me in jail … and I still had the (courage) to stand up there and fight for what was right.” Francis spent nearly a year in jail when Smoak found him in contempt in 2007. He said he is exploring his legal options and may file suit against the plaintiffs and their attorneys. While the jury may have wanted to punish Francis for his business practices, there were some problems with the plaintiffs’ case, Gerard Virga said.

“I just don’t think the jurors could wrap their minds around the notion that she was coerced into taking a ride in his Ferrari and taking her back to his home,” Gerard Virga said Thursday.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys put on expert witnesses who testified the women didn’t mention their experiences with “Girls Gone Wild” during sessions with therapists in the years after they were filmed because they were “psychologically captured” by Francis.

“You can bring Ph.Ds. and experts in to extrapolate these opinions, but common sense tells you when you don’t talk about it for years, when you had opportunities, and it only comes up when you talk to the plaintiffs’ experts, it just doesn’t support the causal connection” between Francis and the plaintiffs’ problems, Gerard Virga said.