BREAKING NEWS: Judge Tosses Multi-Million Dollar Steve Wynn Verdict Against Joe Francis



LOS ANGELES, CA., November 12, 2012 – Today resulted in a massive victory for Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand. Judge Joanne O’Donnell overturned 21- million dollars in damages stemming from the Steve Wynn vs. Joe Francis Defamation trial.

The vindication of Joe Francis was met with enthusiasm by his defense team. After Steve Wynn’s cheating tactics in court illegitimately swayed jurors, the judge realized the course of action was illegal. In order to uphold the integrity of the California court system and ensure that everyone receives due process, Judge O’Donnell amended the jury’s verdict.

During the trial, Steve Wynn’s attorneys presented inadmissible evidence into the case stemming from an interview with Good Morning America. Judge O’Donnell stated in her ruling, “There was no evidence that the plaintiff (Steve Wynn) suffered any ‘shame, mortification or hurt feelings’ as a result of watching the GMA interview or even that he knew of the interview.”

Joe Francis plans to aggressively appeal the remaining portions of the jury verdict totaling 19-million dollars. Mr. Francis’ legal team predicts a 100% chance of success in appealing the remaining part of the case. Additionally, Mr. Francis is expected to win the case in its entirety. Mr. Francis states, “Judge Joanne O’Donnell should have never allowed as evidence my in-court statement that Steve Wynn threatened my life, because it was made in a courtroom while seeking a restraining order against Steve Wynn and therefore, a judicially privileged statement. Judge O’Donnell committed a judicial error by allowing this case to even proceed to a trial and she knows it. This is only the first step of her back peddling and unwinding her illegal actions in order to try to keep her job as a judge.”

Joe Francis finished with, “Steve may have a winning record taking the life savings away from working American’s in his safe haven of Las Vegas, but he will not be able to manipulate the California court system.”



Joe Francis followed up his ratings boosting appearance on The Real Housewives of Miami by attending a black tie function hosted by friends Roy and Lea Black. In the most recent episode the creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brands attended The Blacks Annual Gala, a charity event that has raised more than 12 Million since its inception and this year boasted performances by Queen Latifah and Tony Bennett. By Joe’s side were friends Mario Lopez and Adriana de Moura. Tensions were still boiling after retired model Joanna Krupa continued to sling ridiculous accusations at Joe Francis even after he extended an olive branch. Despite the controversy Joe was happy to have participated in an event that raised nearly a million dollars for at risk youth. To learn more about The Blacks Annual Gala click HERE.


Celebrities and Hollywood elite turned out for David Furnish’s 50th Birthday Bash held at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles. Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand, attended the lavish celebration that was “not for the faint hearted” with the likes of David Beckham, Keith Richards and Gwen Stefani. It was all part of a two day celebration thrown by his husband Elton John and was marked by a rousing rendition of Y-M-C-A by Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp. Other notables A-listers in attendance were Cindy Crawford and Neil Patrick Harris.



In an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Miami Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand, heats up the reality show with his entertaining appearance. Along with close friend and Real Housewife of Miami Lea Black the duo attend a lingerie party hosted by Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein in her South Florida mansion. Spectacularly decorated and with guests dressed in sexy attire the stage was set for things to get hot under the collar.  Joe becomes embroiled in drama after running into former flings Joanna Krupa and her sister Marta. The 33-year-old retired model behaves erratically and screams defamatory remarks at party guests after its revealed that Joe and Joanna had once dated. When we asked Joe Francis about the exchange he says, “This stupid petty drama makes me feel like I’m in high school again. I’m not the only person Joanna Krupa slept with, she made the rounds with many men in Hollywood and Dubai long before she showed up in Miami.”

The argument arose after a private conversation with one of the other housewives. Joe states, “I would never boast about having sex with a girl who has a reputation like Joanna Krupa because that makes me look bad. It took place over 10 years ago, long before she was with her fiancé.” Joanna’s temper flared when her sister admitted during the filming of the realty show to sleeping with Joe.  Lastly, he added, “This whole thing is a result of Joanna finding out that I was sleeping with her sister Marta right after I dated her and she’s mad about it.  Marta pursued me while I was dating Joanna and I really like Marta because she’s a very sweet girl unlike her crazy sister. Joanna should talk to her sister Marta about these issues and leave me and everyone else out of it so she doesn’t end up getting slapped in the face again like she did that night by Adriana de Moura.”  You can catch this episode of Real Housewives of Miami on Bravo this Thursday, October 25th.



Last night the biggest names in Hollywood attended The Inspiration Gala, a benefit for amfAR honoring CAA Managing Partner Kevin Huvane. Amongst the celebrity guests including Joe Francis and model Abbey Wilson, A-listers like Kate Hudson were front and center as host Chelsea Handler along with special guest Sarah Jessica Parker captivated the audience. Music star Katy Perry gave a memorable performance on stage singing multiple songs that brought everyone to their feet. Joe Francis, Creator of the Girls Gone Wild Entertainment Brand, told us after the formal gala the party headed to The Abbey in West Hollywood where in addition to Hollywood’s elite Madonna made a surprise appearance. To learn more about amfAR and how their innovative AIDS research is saving lives click HERE.



It wasn’t just the unusual October heat that was warming up the Malibu coast, Girls Gone Wild turned up the temperature during a sexy new photoshoot yesterday.  A group of gorgeous girls gathered at a celebrity mansion in the exclusive beach side community to take some of the hottest photos GGW has ever produced. Joe Francis, Creator of the Girls Gone Wild Entertainment Brand, stopped by to briefly chat with ladies and take in the beautiful scenery. He remarked, “Each and every year we are lucky enough to find beautiful women who continue to exceed expectations, these are some of the hottest girls yet.” To see more of this exclusive session stay connected on and

Joe Francis Supports Christmas in September

Pictured above: David Cooley

It was a magical night at The Abbey in West Hollywood as over 5,000 toys were donated for a special charity event called Christmas in September lead by David Cooley. The toy drive helps bring smiles to youngsters by supporting the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. For the past 7 years David has been hosting this event at his popular Los Angeles bar. As of this morning David Cooley said, “Thousand of toys are already at the hospital. The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles never turns families with children away no matter what their health issues or ability to pay is. They are heroes.” Long time friend of David and supporter of this annual event, Joe Francis, was thrilled to hear of Christmas in September’s success and added, “Helping bring joy to a child who has already gone through a tremendous amount in their short lives is a humbling experience.”  To support this event next year visit The Abbey’s Facebook page HERE.



“Today, I am incredibly disappointed the jury grossly misinterpreted the facts presented in the courtroom. Steve Wynn has been called the figurehead of the Genovese crime family by a government agency. I still maintain that my life was endangered and I plan on appealing this verdict. One day the public will see that I am the real victim here and not Steve Wynn. I am strengthened by the support of my friends and will stay committed to telling the truth.

Furthermore, the alleged “defamation” was a result of my request in a courtroom for a restraining order against Steve Wynn. I made this request because I was afraid for my life. Numerous people, not just Quincy Jones, told me that Steve Wynn was threatening to kill me. Just Google “Steve Wynn” and “crime” and you would be scared too. Steve Wynn is referred to as the FIGUREHEAD of the Genovese CRIME FAMILY, by a government agency. ANY REASONABLE PERSON WOULD HAVE BEEN AFRAID for his or her life too.   Strictly from a legal standpoint, I believe the jury should have found in my favor for numerous reasons. Besides THE FACT THAT I AM TELLING THE TRUTH, statements that are made in a courtroom in this context are considered “privileged”, meaning without the fear of being sued. No one would seek court protection if they had to fear for their life while at the same time fear getting sued for millions of dollars by a bully like Steve Wynn.  ALSO after the alleged “defamation” of Steve Wynn his net worth has gone up 500-million-dollars during the worst economy in history. How could Steve Wynn be financially damaged by the alleged defamatory statements? He also failed to show exactly how he was financially damaged to the jury to win this case.”

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Excerpt from the Press Herald:

Francis said he expects the verdict to be overturned on appeal due to judicial error.

“I’m startled by the jury’s verdict because it’s totally unfounded and the evidence does not support it,” Francis said in a phone interview.

He said the judge erred by allowing Wynn’s attorneys to allow jurors to consider a new claim of slander based on an interview Francis did with “Good Morning America” after the trial started. The panel awarded Wynn $11 million in damages on that claim alone.

“California law is very clear. You can’t add a cause of action at the end of trial about something that had nothing to do with the trial,” Francis said. “Therefore we are 100 percent confident this jury verdict will be reversed on appeal.” “I made a statement in a courtroom seeking a restraining order against Steve Wynn, which is 100 percent privileged,” Francis said. “I was afraid for my life and I only made that statement when I was ordered by a judge to do so.”