Joe Francis Kicks Steve Wynn’s Ass In Las Vegas Court

Joe Francis Kicks Steve Wynn's Ass In Las Vegas CourtJoe beat the house and walked away with a decisive victory in a courtroom battle with Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn, who had accused Joe of failing to pay a non-existent gambling debt back in 2007. News of Joe’s impressive triumph made headlines across the country. Wynn reportedly pressured the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office to file criminal charges against Joe in what amounted to a civil dispute over a bogus gambling debt that Joe has denied owing from the beginning. Joe was exonerated of all charges when District Court Judge Linda Bell agreed with Joe and threw the case out of court after finding absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing on Francis’s part. “I have maintained my innocence in this matter from the start,” Joe said. But he’s not letting Wynn off easily. “I think it was disgusting that Wynn attempted to manipulate banking records to try to make this a criminal case. I will do everything possible to make sure justice is served in this matter and that I am compensated for the damage that these false charges have caused to my reputation.”