In an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Miami Joe Francis, creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand, heats up the reality show with his entertaining appearance. Along with close friend and Real Housewife of Miami Lea Black the duo attend a lingerie party hosted by Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein in her South Florida mansion. Spectacularly decorated and with guests dressed in sexy attire the stage was set for things to get hot under the collar.  Joe becomes embroiled in drama after running into former flings Joanna Krupa and her sister Marta. The 33-year-old retired model behaves erratically and screams defamatory remarks at party guests after its revealed that Joe and Joanna had once dated. When we asked Joe Francis about the exchange he says, “This stupid petty drama makes me feel like I’m in high school again. I’m not the only person Joanna Krupa slept with, she made the rounds with many men in Hollywood and Dubai long before she showed up in Miami.”

The argument arose after a private conversation with one of the other housewives. Joe states, “I would never boast about having sex with a girl who has a reputation like Joanna Krupa because that makes me look bad. It took place over 10 years ago, long before she was with her fiancé.” Joanna’s temper flared when her sister admitted during the filming of the realty show to sleeping with Joe.  Lastly, he added, “This whole thing is a result of Joanna finding out that I was sleeping with her sister Marta right after I dated her and she’s mad about it.  Marta pursued me while I was dating Joanna and I really like Marta because she’s a very sweet girl unlike her crazy sister. Joanna should talk to her sister Marta about these issues and leave me and everyone else out of it so she doesn’t end up getting slapped in the face again like she did that night by Adriana de Moura.”  You can catch this episode of Real Housewives of Miami on Bravo this Thursday, October 25th.