Joe Francis has always been an animal lover but no one could have predicted the newest addition to his family. Joe, along side his girlfriend Abbey, welcomed an adorable sea lion into the gorgeous pool of Casa Aramara in Punta Mita. The 11-year-old sea lion named Litibu spent the day with the founder of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand courtesy of Vallarta Adventures.

Even though the sea lions are naturally wild, Litibu is more like a well-trained house pet. Vallarta Adventures delivered the sea lion by boat just off the shore of Joe’s favorite vacation spot. Once the boat pulled close enough Libitu jumped from the deck and swam directly to Casa Aramara’s sandy beaches. After a short walk up from the ocean towards the house Litibu joined Joe and Abbey inside their luxurious infinity pool for some much needed play time. Joe told us, “Libitu is extremely talented and capable of doing tricks like handstands, flips, and even gave us kisses on the cheeks. I’ve swam with dolphins, shared the ocean with whales, but playing in the pool with a sea lion was a once in a lifetime experience.” Not everyone will have the chance to splash in the waves with a trained sea lion so make sure and check out the pictures he shared with