Kim Kardashian Joe Francis Pregnant

Kim Kardashian, a longtime friend of Joe Francis, is expecting her first child with music superstar Kanye West. The news broke when Kanye asked the audience during a recent show in Atlantic City to make some noise for his “Baby Mama”. Sharing in the joy is Joe Francis who told us, “I’ve known Kim for a long time and I consider her part of my family. When I found out she was having a child I couldn’t have been happier because I know how much she loves kids. Kim and Kanye are going to make wonderful parents”  Later that day Joe joked on his Twitter account, “Joe West would be a good name if it’s a boy.” We’ll have to wait about 6 more months to see if they take his advice, but it sounds good to us!



Today, Joe Francis was excited to welcome Kiki into his family. Kiki is a 2-month-old female Savannah cat. A Savannah cat is a mix between a domestic and a Serval, a large-eared wild African cat. Not only are they larger than your typical feline but they also share similar traits to dogs because of their ability to fetch and can also be trained. Currently Kiki is becoming accustomed to her surroundings and seems to be enjoying her new digs. And don’t be alarmed by her wild heritage, even though Savannah’s can grow up to 28 pounds they are particularly friendly to new humans and animals. When asked about his new feline friend Joe said, “Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always loved cats because they are like women. They are beautiful, smart, independent, and they come to you on their own terms.” Check out the gallery for some candid pictures of Kiki and Joe’s other cat Pablo with Kim Kardashian.


A Vacation to Remember with Kim and Kanye

A Vacation to Remember with Kim and Kanye

Joe Francis is fresh off a tropical vacation where he hosted close friends in Punta Mita, Mexico. Included were guests Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Kanye West. Along with a group of familiar faces the couple relaxed poolside at Casa Aramara before hitting the ocean and ripping through the waves on jet skis launched from a gorgeous white sand beach.  They also participated in a thrilling zip lining tour through the Mexican jungle flying between trees, spanning rope bridges, and sharing memorable laughs.  One of the more low key moments was an intimate dinner hosted by Joe.  They dined on traditional Mexican cuisine made exclusively of local fresh ingredients. After dinner everyone continued to enjoy the fiesta with relaxing conversation while everyone snapped candid photos of each other.


Bloomberg Businessweek Spotlights Joe Francis

The creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand is proud to be profiled in a new article by Bloomberg Businessweek.  A few notables also mentioned were Larry Flynt, Leslie Wexner of Victoria Secret, and Ian Read of Pfizer.   Joe Francis is credited for developing the successful GGW brand that has rocketed into a multi-million dollar franchise.  From a very young age Mr. Francis demonstrated a strong intuition for demand and his entrepreneurial spirt led him to vastly outperforming competitors.   “This wasn’t porn; it was something better. It was real girls. It was spontaneous. It was awesome,” says Francis. Joe continues to expand his interests and now has several traditional media projects in development.

H8R Love

joe francis with mario lopezMario Lopez‘s new hit reality show “H8R” on the CW features celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka confronting a “hater” critical of that celebrity’s success, fame or lifestyle, and gives the celebrity a chance to try win the hater over. Joe Francis is featured in the series’ fourth episode, where he meets self-described “southern redhead with an attitude” Peggy, who regards him as “A Mom’s worst nightmare, who exploits young women.” It’s a charge Joe has heard (and easily debunked) many times before. A surprise encounter with Joe at a Beverly Hills hotel and a visit to a Girls Gone Wild photo shoot at his Bel Air mansion gave Peggy a unique opportunity to get to know the real Joe Francis. “I want to see if I can make her understand who I am and turn my hater around,” Joe explained at the top of the show. In the course of the episode, Joe did just that ?and more. After learning his life story and listening to Joe explain his point of view regarding a woman’s right to make her own choices, Peggy admitted to her former nemesis, “You’re not the man I thought you were, you’re actually better. I’m not a hater.” Joe took the experience in good humor. “Every high profile individual has haters,” he said. “Even the president of the United States. Being a celebrity is all about people taking shots at you. That’s what makes it interesting.” H8R airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm on the CW. Click here to watch Joe Francis on H8Rs.

Beach Girls - Beach GirlsWhen the Kardashians sought the perfect location to celebrate Kourtney’s 32nd birthday in style, Joe’s favorite vacation spot in Punta Mita, Mexico was the obvious choice. Kourtney, Kim and brother Rob Kardashian spent several days in April enjoying the estate’s endless amenities including a state-of-art gym where the sisters worked out “every day of their vacation” according to friends. The Kardashians were spotted strolling the beach, enjoying the pool and entertaining special guests.
Kourtney brought her son Mason and boyfriend Scott along to the exotic location, which holds a special place in the couple’s hearts – it is where they first met. Kim was joined by her fiance, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries. The Kardashians are longtime friends of Joe’s and this isn’t the first time they sought peace and privacy at Casa Aramara. “We go to this estate every year with friends and family,” Kim said. “It’s indescribable. It’s better than a 5 star resort!”