Joe Francis’ Statement Regarding TMZ Story

This was my response to the TMZ story today that TMZ has refused to post.

“As was reported in the media today, if Quincy Jones is forced by Steve Wynn and his cronies to testify and possibly lie for Wynn I am 100-percent confident that I will win this case. The alleged “defamation” was a result of my request in a courtroom for a restraining order against Steve Wynn. I made this request because I was afraid for my life.  Numerous people, not just Quincy Jones, told me that Steve Wynn was threatening to kill me.  Just Google “Steve Wynn” and “crime” and you would be scared too. Steve Wynn is referred to as the FIGURE HEAD of the Genovese CRIME FAMILY, by a government agency.  ANY REASONABLE PERSON WOULD HAVE BEEN AFRAID for his or her life too.

Strictly from a legal standpoint, I believe the jury will find in my favor for numerous reasons. Besides THE FACT THAT I AM TELLING THE TRUTH, after the alleged defamation of Steve Wynn his net worth has gone up 500-million-dollars during the worst economy in history.  How could Steve Wynn be financially damaged by the alleged defamatory statements?  He will also have to show exactly how he was financially damaged to the jury to win this case.  Also, statements that are made in a courtroom in this context are considered “privileged”, meaning without the fear of being sued.  No one would seek court protection if they had to fear for their life while at the same time fear getting sued for millions of dollars by a bully like Steve Wynn.”

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Joe Francis Kicks Steve Wynn’s Ass In Las Vegas Court

Joe Francis Kicks Steve Wynn's Ass In Las Vegas CourtJoe beat the house and walked away with a decisive victory in a courtroom battle with Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn, who had accused Joe of failing to pay a non-existent gambling debt back in 2007. News of Joe’s impressive triumph made headlines across the country. Wynn reportedly pressured the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office to file criminal charges against Joe in what amounted to a civil dispute over a bogus gambling debt that Joe has denied owing from the beginning. Joe was exonerated of all charges when District Court Judge Linda Bell agreed with Joe and threw the case out of court after finding absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing on Francis’s part. “I have maintained my innocence in this matter from the start,” Joe said. But he’s not letting Wynn off easily. “I think it was disgusting that Wynn attempted to manipulate banking records to try to make this a criminal case. I will do everything possible to make sure justice is served in this matter and that I am compensated for the damage that these false charges have caused to my reputation.”